Kingsmoor – Year 2

Thursday 2nd July

Good morning everyone 😀 Take a look at the cookies Dexter made at home. What a fun way to learn about measuring in grams! Here is your plan for today: Maths Today we will be learning about volume. There are some key words that you will need to remember today: volume = how much liquidContinue reading “Thursday 2nd July”

Thursday 25th June

Good morning Class 3! INSET DAYS – A reminder that tomorrow and Monday 29th are school INSET days. There will be no work set on the blog on these days. Have some nice time away from school work 🙂 Here is your plan for today: Maths Today we move on to looking at comparing mass.Continue reading “Thursday 25th June”

Friday 19th June

It’s Friday!! Here is your plan for today: Maths Today is Friday Challenge Day! Challenge 1, 2 and 3 are suitable for Year 2. How many can you do? Hit the Button Spend a couple of minutes on Hit the Button practising number bonds or doubles/halves. You don’t need a username or password!! Just followContinue reading “Friday 19th June”


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